Friday, October 26, 2018

About this bomb stuff...

Well they just found bombs number 11 and 12 and the news is still twitching full strength about it.

I had reached saturation point and was ready to leave this whole thing alone except for something I heard a reporter say.

It went something like this.  They've just found two more bombs and the bomber, whoever they are have already achieved their objective, whether the bombs were designed to detonate or not.  FEAR!  There certainly is fear out here!

I ruined my keyboard and was gonna add a few more holes to the wall courtesy of my right jab.




Based on what?

A few politicians and a couple of intel types get mailed bombs and the public is suppose to be fearful?

Is that even possible?

Like I said yesterday, this isn't sending my spidey senses tingling one bit.  I consider it more a spectacle than a news event.  The law enforcement leaks are beyond amazing.  Quite honestly the leaks coming out of the various depts deserve to be investigated and prosecuted.  If this is real (and I really, seriously have my doubts) then we're witnessing the sloppiest "terror" investigation ever conducted!

Sorry MSNBC news lady.

I ain't scared.  Not one bit.  Maybe a bit entertained (can't think of a better word to describe my emotions about this thing) but hardly fearful.

The idea that some of my fellow Americans could actually be expressing fear tells me something I didn't want to know about my fellow countrymen.

Some of us are easily frightened.


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