Friday, October 05, 2018

Bangkok Police in action...

I consider this more a feel good story than the way to handle mentally disturbed or criminal people.  We can just look at the recent police shooting and the death of a veteran LEO to realize that danger lurks in the most unexpected places.

I haven't covered that event but from what I've read they treated this family with kit gloves.  Called ahead before serving the warrant and for all their troubles were met with gunfire and the end result was one LEO dead and six injured.

What is the answer?

Don't know.

I do know we've seen both sides of this thing.  This is one instance where the police were gentle and it came back to bite.  We've seen the other side too where they were aggressive and the wrong house hit or an accidental flashbang injuries a child in its crib.

All this is above my paygrade and I don't have any solutions/recommendations.

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