Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Dubai imprisons taxi driver for sexually assaulting US sailor

via Military Times.
A court in Dubai has sentenced an Egyptian taxi driver to six months in prison and deportation after convicting him of sexually assaulting a U.S. Navy officer.

The National, an English-language, state-aligned newspaper in Abu Dhabi, reported the verdict in its Tuesday’s edition.

It says the 34-year-old Egyptian grabbed the 22-year-old woman’s thigh and forced her to touch his groin while driving her from a mall to Dubai’s Jebel Ali port in March 2017.

The taxi driver was initially cleared of the charge in a lower court, but prosecutors appealed and won a conviction at Dubai's Court of Appeal.

Jebel Ali is frequently visited by U.S. Navy warships.

The U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
This is just one of the many stories you won't hear your recruiter tell your daughter about real life in the military.  Oh and you can bet 5th Fleet won't comment on this story unless it goes wide.  Why? Because it will reflect badly on the host nation and on the Navy.

They will want this to go away.

But be advised.  Things can get weird in the states.  They get down right obscene when you cross the water.  ALL US SERVICE MEMBERS are advised to use the buddy system. Why this sailor went out solo is beyond me but her over confidence cost her. 

I'd also bet there was alot more to what went on than we're being told.

The world is a dangerous place.  Our people go into harms way...even when they visit certain "allied" countries...

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