Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gripen Fighters @ Trident Juncture...

Sunny skies?  That ain't Gripen weather!  We need clouds, snow on the ground and falling from the sky with heavy fog.  We need night ops, followed by sleet.

The ground forces need the same with periods of intense cold followed by unusually warm days so those bogs and marshes get all nice and gooey.

Ice on the roads to hamper resupply etc...

Do the exercise and win under those conditions (nothing scripted just free play) and then chest thump.

The Gripen needs that blistering cold to show its stuff.  So does the alliance or else this is just a huge and elaborate dog and pony...

Side note; Maybe not so huge.  From what I've read online we're talking maybe 7K troops total.  Cold war planning had the USMC dedicating an entire division plus (2nd MarDiv was tasked and they were to be reinforced) to the defense of the North.  How times have changed.

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