Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Just one day into the medical solution but this don't appear to be working...

I spent a week damn near overdosing on Naprosyn when dealing with this trapezius issue cause I didn't want to miss gym time.  Went to the doctor and he hit me with that Toradol stuff and issued some Flexeril.

The problem.

No relief, it makes me loopy as hell, and even worse is that when I get up and moving I'm still hurting.

Luckily my bro Al Z. hit me with a solution I'm gonna try.  Regardless, its one more day to take a beat to get my bearings and then I'm back on it.

Ain't staying out the gym...I'll just try and work around it.

Old Age might be coming but he's gonna have to work to take me out.  Besides I gotta protect these gains!

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