Friday, October 19, 2018

Remember my musing about a dedicated Armored UAV Carrier? The Chinese have already done it!

Thanks to Shane for finding this!!!

via Popular Mechanics.
As part of its celebration of the People's Liberation Army, the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution in Beijing is showing off a range of exciting exhibitions, offering a peek into the PLA's new self-propelled artillery, cruise missiles, ballistic missile launchers, and—perhaps most notably—tactical unmanned aerial systems.

First up, there's official confirmation that the CH-901 "kamikaze" loitering attack munitions (a short-ranged mini-drone) is in use by the PLA. First publicly displayed at the DSA 2016 arms fair, CH-901 is a 20-pound, fixed-wing drone with a flight speed range of 9 to 90 miles per hour. It's got a 1.2-mile-range electro optical camera for reconnaissance (it can be recovered this way) and/or it can crash into enemy targets, detonating its warhead. It is comparable to the American Aerovironment "Switchblade" used by Special Operations. At the Military Museum, a 4X4 armored fighting vehicle (AFV) is armed with a pop-up hatch that carries eight CH-901 pneumatically launch tubes. The launcher also has four launch tubes for a smaller fixed-wing reconnaissance UAV. The CH-901 launcher is likely to be used by lighter units like Special Operations, or amphibious and airborne troops, which cannot always count on conventional air and artillery support.
Story here. 

Wow.  I think I've figured out the difference between the Chinese and the way we do things.

We're so bogged down in bureaucratic nonsense that even when we think we're moving fast, we're not.  We're still slow as molasses.

The Chinese on the other hand are like we were with aviation during the 40's, 50's and 60's, with the difference being that for them its across the board.  They're letting their imagination take them places.  They're daring to try it.  If it doesn't work then no loss.  It's on to the next thing...and the thing after that...until they hit paydirt.

Unlike us, they're also following the Russian and the lost Marine Corps model. They're pushing forward but also modernizing their current gear to the max.

Somehow, someway, they're still striving while we appear to be coasting.

Just my opinion.  But I believe at least parts of it ring true (if not the whole thing).

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