Friday, October 19, 2018

South Korean Army aims to 'mechanize' all squads by 2030

 South Korea's Army unveiled an ambitious plan Thursday to equip all of its squads nationwide with advanced armored vehicles and other transportation by 2030.

The Mount Paektu Tiger (MPT) project, worth 1.25 trillion won (US$1.1 billion), aims to enable all ground troops to move by wheeled-armored carriers, such as the K200 armed vehicle and other small tactical vehicles, rather than on foot.

All vehicles will be installed with improved bullet-proof and remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) systems.

The Army, which has around 480,000 troops, is a key element in the country's 620,000-strong armed forces. The government plans to reduce the latter number to half a million by 2022 under a reform scheme.
The MPT program is designed to make infantry nimble but more powerful.

All combatants will be provided with the so-called warrior platform, composed of 33 kinds of tailored ICT-based devices, according to the Army.
The vehicle news is what grabbed my eyeballs but it was the Army troop strength that hooked me.

Is this part of the North's plan?

To lull the S. Koreans into a false sense of security so that they lower their defense spending?

It would fit with the viewpoints of their current leadership.  Time will tell but maybe Graham was right.  This whole nuclear peace thing might be all about driving a wedge between the US and S. Korea.

Time will tell.  I haven't had that issue on my radar screen.

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