Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tactical vehicle recovery training during Exercise Trident Juncture 18 via II MEF Information Group...

I absolutely luv the bubbas at II MEF Information Group!  I mean seriously those bastards have the old skool Marine Corps thinking down pat!  DoD News put out a short vid of the Assault Breacher Vehicle getting partially stuck probably due to (1) soft shoulders on the road way (2) narrow roads and (3) vehicle weight. 

Some SSgt, forgot his name, came on the vid and talked about it.  Straight up and matter of fact style.  To paraphrase, the shoulder of the road gave out and they did a self recovery...they have to be self sufficient if they don't have dedicated recovery assets with them.  Awesome.  I would never expect anything less from a leader of Marines.

But Public Affairs put on that delicious spin.

I can see them drinking coffee and chewing on the DoD News story.

Conversation probably went something like this...Who the fuck do they think we are?  We're not the Army.  We're fucking Marines.  We don't have accidents!  We have training opportunities.  Colonel is sitting back listening to the discussion and got an immediate raging hardon that his wife or girlfriend would have to solve at lunchtime.  But for now he laid on his best command voice and told them...Fuck'en A.  Run with that shit.

The rest is history.

Pics via II MEF Information Group Twitter Page (subscribe unless you're a ChiCom/Sympathizer and if you are then drink it in...we're better than you!).  Well done boys at II MEF Information make me smile!

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