Wednesday, October 24, 2018

TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 - Canadian Armed Forces convoy (POV)

Wow.  This vid is instructive.  If we're gonna be operating on the Northern Flank of NATO then we're gonna have to grab some of these all terrain vehicles.

Hopefully they're affordable cause the list of needs just keeps getting longer.

Side note.  With the huge list of "allies" that we need to support or simply show the flag, along with the idea that we need to be able to fight two major wars simultaneously does a 200K Marine Corps make sense?  I've never been a fan of a "big" Marine Corps (well relatively speaking...the USMC is huge compared to every other Marine Corps on the planet) but we just have too many responsibilities for the force that we have now.  Quite honestly a 300K force would seem to make sense to me.  That would give 4 full divisions, 4 full air wings etc...we'd still have a reserve composed of an additional division and I think we'd be set.

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