Monday, October 15, 2018

US Army Large Scale Combat Operations Book Set (Downloadable!!!)

One of the members of the SNAFU Tribe was gracious enough to share this with me (sorry bro, I fucked up and forgot to jot down your name) and I'm sharing it with you.

I have to give the services (well the ground forces that is) credit.  They ARE TRYING TO EXPLAIN THEIR THINKING to the general public.

You just have to know where to look.

Just like the bubba that tossed me the powerpoint on the Amphibious Recon Vehicle (LAV replacement) that the USMC is starting to work on, the Army is explaining how they view future combat on a large scale with this book set.

I've already downloaded it and can't wait to dig into it.  

Do the right thing.  Grab it while you can.  I'm sure someone will come along and say that it needs to be behind a firewall and will designate it "eyes only" type material.

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