Thursday, October 18, 2018

US General in charge of the fight in Afghanistan was present during an attack...Senior Afghan Generals hit in the chaos...

This is breaking folks and the info is sketchy.

From what I'm gathering the 3 Star in charge of Afghanistan was present during an attack.

I'm reading that as the Taliban have so thoroughly penetrated our Afghan allies that they know is schedule of stops.  That should make his Personal Security Detail shit bricks.  I bet that PSD has gone from Platoon size up to a Reinforced Company with a couple of Apache and another couple of Blackhawks shadowing them when they're on the ground.

This 3 Star is suppose to be another of those Special Ops types and I think that's the problem.

SOCOM is all raids all the time.

They're not built or equipped to either LEAD a war OR to WIN one!  They're support.  High speed dudes but still fucking SUPPORT!


Our strategy is failing and they just have to get lucky one time to send our senior commander home in a body bag. 

So what do we do?

Better to walk away than be carried away.  Let the Afghans deal with the Taliban.  We can't make these people get along.  It's their country.  They either fight for it and win...or they lose.  But its up to them, not us.

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