Wednesday, October 17, 2018

US History. Since our birth we have been at war for 225 years, and at peace for 21 years?

I like infographics.  They give a cliffnotes explanation of complex topics and can help point you towards things that might be of interest without having to read piles of papers on a particular subject.

So when I found an "infographic vid" on the national debt I was intrigued.

Little did I know that it would also cover topics we talk about constantly on this blog.

If you don't have much time, fast forward to 1:28 and drink in the info (that I must confirm).

Since our nation's birth we have been at war for 225 years and at peace for only 21 years.  Our country has been at war for 94% of its existence and at peace for only 6%?

Drink that in!!

From my chair this is jarring information.

If this is true and I plan on turning to this in just a few minutes, then we definitely are built in the mold of the Roman Empire. 

I have been a fiscal hawk and believe that we spend too much on defense as a matter of choice.

I'm beginning to wonder.

Is it by choice or necessity?  Have we in essence built a wartime economy? Have we reached a point where we cannot have prosperity without being at war?

That would explain why so many military thinkers don't seem to have a problem with the current war on terror.  Two decades at war seems unthinkable to me but you will not hear the so called professionals even questioning it.

Chew on that vid tribe while I try and hunt down the truth on that little factoid I told you about.

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