Thursday, November 01, 2018

A worrying pic from Trident Juncture

Just plain wow.

I was surfing thru DVIDS looking for the latest from Trident Juncture with the aim of posting pics from the AAV's landing.

Well I found it, but I also found the above pic.

Talk about depressing.

The LAV-25, or LAV-2 or whatever they're calling it these days is a TRULY lightweight 8x8.  To see it stuck up to the axles on the beach is a special kind of kick in the nuts.  I stand by the statement that this isn't a show stopper and is simply another training opportunity...But!

We're about to switch to the Super AV for our future Amphibious Combat Vehicle.

The question.

How can we NOT have the same issues with that vehicle swimming ashore?
Something for thought.  We've never seen the ACV in muddy conditions

The answer is simple.

Recon  is gonna have to get back into the business of conducting beach surveys/recon.  If they can't then we need to toss the job to Boat Company and maybe get them up to speed on the task.

Barring that we're gonna have to get improved self recovery techniques going and with a quickness.

The ACV was tested in Mississippi (still irks me that they ignored my e-mails asking to attend...It's right around the corner) supposedly in the muck and it performed well or so we're told.  I hope they're right.  Otherwise that's a future that does not bode well in the pic at the top of the page.

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