Tuesday, November 06, 2018

About the election today...the elite have lost control of the Republican Party....

Everyone is heading to the polls in the US but one thing has become obvious to me as I watch the various talking heads on TV.

The elite have lost control of the Republican Party.

I was watching a bit of MSNBC (yeah I know...table those thoughts we're gonna swing around) and I saw former Republican this and former Republican that come on and basically slam the current agenda.

No talk about the wars.

No talk about the economy.

No talk about trade.

No talk about Russia, China, the Middle East and future challenges.

Just slam Trump all the time.

I don't have a problem with that, but what has me spinning is that they're totally ignoring the concerns of the people.  Additionally they've ignored their base for years and embarked on policies that no one actually cares about except the people inside the Beltway.

What is important to establishment Republicans isn't important to the voters yet they act like spoiled children because their agenda isn't being followed.  Trump HAS gotten close to and at times crossed the line in his communications but he is at least pushing an agenda that his base is in favor of (not sure I agree with it all but large parts of it I am).

Not saying this very well but the Republican Party can lose the House but the deal has been sealed.  There is no way for the elite to reclaim ownership OR control of this party.

The weird thing?

The Dems are facing the same issue.

This lurch to the left that we see that Party undergoing is in response to their base that they've lost control of.  They're riding a bucking bull and trying their best to hold on for dear life.  They have an even more acute problem.  If their base wanders away it's too fragmented to be knitted together again.  Too many competing factions for reunification under a different banner.

For better or worse we're looking at a change in American politics.  Just like the Whigs gave way to the Republicans we'll see something of the same in the 2020's for both parties.

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