Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Dems will probably pick up the House....Sequestration is almost certain to return...

Watching the returns and the Dems will more than likely pick up the House.  The Republicans will likely retain the Senate.

What does that mean for the military?

Sequestration will almost certainly return.

Everything is on the table, nothing is safe and the Pentagon moved too slowly.  It's really a shame too.  I really like the ACV and the CH-53K shows much promise too.  I imagine both will be slowed down.  The Army and Navy are screwed and the USAF will be placed in a massive hurt locker.

You hate Trump?

Cool, it's your right but if you're a supporter of a strong national defense then you should be a bit miffed.  The Dems will come after defense because that's what they do.  They won't be able to lay a hand on them without suffering political damage so they'll seek one for one spending on domestic programs.

The Republicans will balk.

Sequestration returns.

If you have defense stocks then now is the time to dump them.

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