Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Electric Truck?

@rivianofficial just revealed the R1T 400-mile electric truck
I don't know.

I do know that ever since this climate change report came out we've been blitzed with weird automotive news, and strangely timed plant closings.

Is it connected?

Again.  I don't know.

I do know that I'm extremely suspect of the move toward electric cars.  The infrastructure just ain't there.  I see little planning to make a changeover and the disruption to the world economy (while worth it in my opinion...anything to further decrease the reliance on foreign oil) would seem manageable, I just don't see us doing the common sense stuff first (how about the entire federal govt, along with the state govts all go electric vehicle??).

The auto industry is all over the place.

Driverless cars.

New standards to make cars lighter while shoving every luxury item into every auto made.

Electric cars.

Ride sharing.

Scooters/mopeds/bikes in major cities in a shared fashion.

My view on climate change is this.  The climate is changing.  Humans of course have an effect but the reality is that the earth is a living, breathing organism.  It evolves.  It changes.  The idea that we can stop climate change is like a parent wanting to stop his child from growing past the age of 5.  That might be the fun age but they will continue to change.

We've witnessed and even documented this change since the beginning of time.  Now we expect to halt things in what we perceive to be the sweet spot?

I believe its just another instrument to tax the people without seeing any real change.  I look at nations that have implemented a climate tax and I have yet to see them meet the standards that the US has without it.

The reality?

A climate tax is just a way for the government to generate revenue.  It has nothing to do with actually tackling a problem that is beyond the ability of man to least without returning to an agrarian society.

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