Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I am getting tired of unattributed sources...


I am so tired of this unattributed sources idiocy!  If a guy won't put his name on something that consequential to the country and the President then he needs to keep his mouth shut.

As things now stand this might as well be Engel shoveling horse manure and trying to pass it off as a military member!

If this is a "top military official" then he needs to step forward.

End of rant!

Side note.  How is this a land grab if they're duking it out with Ukraine on the waters?  From what I've been able to keep track of things, this is just another front in their ongoing low temperature scrimmage.  Shelling continues on both sides, you're seeing small unit actions across the entire front but so far nothing major.  As a matter of fact the observation force that is monitoring things has registered violations from both sides.  Climb into bed with dogs and you get fleas.  Ukraine is a TERRIBLE ally!  They're corrupt and unworthy of our support.  I personally think we should leave those Nazis to their fate. Simple question.  What does Ukraine bring to the table that makes them worthy of even ONE drop of American blood, or a penny of our treasure?

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