Friday, November 16, 2018

Japan Marine Unit Defense Systems is developing a MultiRole Amphibious Vehicle.

JMU Defense Systems, a subsidiary of Japan Marine United (JMU), which is engaged in the development and manufacture of defense equipment, announced at the defense equipment exhibition "INDO" held in Jakarta, a versatile amphibian developed by the company for its own fund A model of a car (Multipurpose Amphibious Vehicle) was exhibited.

The versatile amphibious vehicle is based on the 94-type water border mine laying equipment developed and manufactured by the JMU Defense Systems for the Ground Self Defense Force, and the basic body layout conforms to 94, but the 94-type water border mine laying equipment It is 6 x 6 compared to the 4 x 4 vehicle, and the driving ability on the road including the rough terrain is improving.

At the time of flotation, like the 94 type water border mine laying equipment, the buoyancy is improved by tilting the left and right floats. Unlike the 94 type water borne mine laying equipment (propeller), the propulsion system at the time of navigation uses two water jets.

The spec is about 12 m in length, about 3.5 m in total width, about 3.5 m in total height, about 20 t in weight, about 6 t in payload. MTU 8 V 199 diesel engine (output 530 kw) is adopted as the main engine, NAMJET TJ 381 of the United States is adopted as the water jet, the maximum speed on road is 70 km / h, the maximum floating speed is 9 knots (16.7 km) / h, Operation with sea state 3 is possible.
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