Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Funny via Semper Annoying Tumblr Page...

Three Marines and a Genie.

3 Marines Walking In The Sand.

An E-1. An E-4. And an E-7

The Private kicks the sand at a shiny object and there’s a cloud of smoke.

From the smoke comes A Genie and the words…“You Have Freed Me…Each Of You Will Have One Wish.”

In an instant, the Private says..“I want out of The Crotch..I want 1 Million Dollars and a Beautiful Babe.”

Poof….A cloud of smoke….The Private is gone…..

The Genie looks at the Corporal and asks…“Have You Decided?”

The Corporal says, “Yes. But I’m wiser than the Private…I want TEN Million Dollars. My own private island and beautiful women all over.”

Poof….Smoke…The Corporal is gone.

Smiling…The Genie looks at the Gunny for his reply.

The Gunny looks at the Genie. Lights a cigar and takes a big puff and says….“Have Them Back By Reveille.”

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