Friday, November 16, 2018

Navy SEAL accused of murdering a prisoner is back in the a weird personal theory (probably totally wrong)...

via American Military News.
New evidence has been exposed in the case of the U.S. Navy SEAL accused of stabbing an ISIS prisoner to death.

Navy SEAL Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, 39, appeared before Navy Judge Advocate Capt. Arthur Record during an Article 32 hearing on Wednesday where evidence was presented to determine whether or not to proceed with a full trial, Task & Purpose first reported Thursday.

Gallagher, a 19-year Navy veteran, allegedly executed a wounded ISIS detainee with his knife in May 2017.


Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent Joe Warpinski was called as a witness and delivered the testimony from nine SEALs from Gallagher’s unit, testimony he had gathered since April during his investigation.

Several members of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon were providing medical treatment to a 15-year-old ISIS fighter who suffered a leg injury from shrapnel derived from a nearby Iraqi airstrike. Iraqi forces had captured the fighter, then turned him over to the SEAL team.

Gallagher wasn’t present as the other SEALs treated the fighter. However, once the fighter was stabilized, Gallagher allegedly “walked up without saying anything at all” and began to stab the fighter.

Three SEAL members witnessed the killing. One said the act left him in “complete disbelief.” Another “couldn’t believe what had happened,” saying the fighter “was just a brainwashed kid.”
Story here. 

No women (old skool that probably no longer applies) and no kids...that was the code.

Yeah you'll run into child soldiers but after the fight is done then so are you.

This shit though...makes ya wonder don't it?

I think I can speak for all of us in saying that this is pretty brutal and horrific and not what we expect from an American Fighting Man (I will throw up the caveat that the other side is making things real hard by strapping bombs onto pre-teens and teens and running them toward our forces).

Having said that.

Have you noticed the steady drumbeat of news?

When was the last time you had organizations like Task & Purpose leading the drumbeat on stuff like this?

Don't know.  Then let me refresh your memory.  It was for Women in combat arms in the Marine Corps.  During that time T&P along with other news orgs were slamming the Corps daily with claims of mistreatment of women and other things.

It has successfully broken the Corps as we've known it and I'm not sure if the new culture can survive the ravages of war.

The Army got the message and supposedly got women thru its Ranger School and if you haven't heard the first woman has made it thru the Q Course.

That leaves only the SEALs.

I just can't help but wonder if these "incidents", as horrific as they are, aren't being used to push a different agenda.

The SEALs are broken so we need to do things differently?  The funny thing is that they were broke long before this but they're highlighting these incidents so that they can make the other thing happen.  Yeah, its destroying the SEALs rep with the public but that's considered a necessary evil to achieve the desired endstate.

I'm probably wrong though.

It's a goofy idea and is so ridiculous that it borders on the did cross the mind so I threw it out there.

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