Friday, November 30, 2018

South Korea KAAV-II

Thanks to Dragon for the pics!

Dragon left this description...
3 types of chassis are proposed.
1 has basic armor with turret at rear half, dimension is (LXWXH in meter) 9x3.6x3.1, turret dimension would be 2.2x1.6x0.6, Crew 3 and 20 infantrymen, engine will have 1500HP.
2 & 3 are similar but with minor difference. Ver. 2 use composite armor and use V-shape bow flap.
Ver. 3 use basic armor bend shaped bow flap. Dimension for 2 and 3 is 9.4x3.5x3 and turret dimension is 1.8x1.7x0.6, with crew of 3 and 20 infantrymen and engine hp will be 2700.
Proposed turrets from left to right, K21, CTA manned turret, and CTA unmanned turret. Wow.
Just a detuned EFV without the water planning I'd bet.  WOuldn't that be a kick in the pants?  The S. Koreans are doing the Chinese thing and picking up on discarded US vehicles/planes etc....

What would be even more interesting?  If General Dynamics was right and it works and is affordable.

How much of a future penalty did we saddle ourselves with, when we went batshit crazy because IEDs were wrecking us in the last war?

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