Friday, November 02, 2018

The China threat is reaching critical mass in the US military blogging community...

Ok.  I admit it.  That pic at the top of the page is meant to stir feelings of anger (but I did find it on the internet so someone somewhere has this hope or view of us already), but the point should be clear.  People are finally waking up to the threat that is China.

Funny as it is, I credit..wait for it...Trump with the awakening in the minds of many.  We can scream and shout all we want here but we're a small little community (can't say I mind that) and what we talk about here isn't usually of interest in the mainstream, to include the military blogging community.

It still hasn't reached the "corporate" military reporters yet (wonder why...those bubbas operate in a weird place...they chase the same stories...almost like they're being fed what to print but that's a different story) but for some of the more hardcore its there in spades.

Why bring this up?  Because of the stories we've seen recently but The Bayou Man blog sums it up best...
There are simply too many indicators out there to take this lightly.  I'm by no means an expert on China and the relations between our nations, but other people are - and they all seem to be concerned.  I've learned enough in my life to be pretty sure that when I read so many articles like those above, they amount to what experienced investigators call "a clue".  We need to read the signs of the times.

God forbid that we should find ourselves at war with China, whether far from our shores or upon them.  We can't afford that, and we probably can't win - China is already too powerful in military terms, and it has an immense advantage in that most basic of yardsticks, its population.  However, China probably can't win either, in terms of defeating the USA.  The most we could hope for is that hostilities would eventually grind to a halt simply because both sides had suffered enormous damage, and couldn't afford to fight any longer.  That's a miserable outcome for the survivors on both sides.
Story here. 

Make note guys.

We have been an early adopter of the danger presented by China, but NEVER FORGET a Brave Navy Intel Officer that lost his career because he dared to tell us news that we didn't want to hear...Capt James Fanell (seen in the video that sealed his name in history in my opinion at the 19:00 mark) is a true American patriot.

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