Monday, November 12, 2018

Tyler Rogoway at the Drive lays out why Trump didn't go to the WW1 ceremony...but the media reaction says it all...

Tyler Rogoway over at The Drive lays out why Trump didn't attend the WW 1 Ceremony, but the media reaction says it all.

It's about memes and visuals rather than facts.

Check out Tyler's story here.

The reality?  Only a fool would put the President of the United States in a motorcade, IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, to go 55 miles overland to a ceremony!

Only a stark raving lunatic!

The White House is mum on the issue and that's a shame.  The public needs to hear the reality on this one but I'm sure operational considerations are taking precedent.

What's worse?

The White House pool reporters know the real deal too but they're ALL SILENT on this issue.  Maybe that's due to security concerns but I'm sure all the talking heads are fully briefed on the issue but still push memes.

Now do you understand why I hate the news media?

Trump is far from a saint to me.  The guys irks me in ways that you fail to understand.  His constant Twitter activity makes me want to punch walls...

But I know an orchestrated campaign when I see one and we're seeing many different levers being pulled against him.

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