Monday, November 26, 2018

US Southern Command: “The threats to both our neighborhood and our homeland are real & imminent.”


You ever scream about something and then when you get it, it makes you sit back and say "what was I thinking"????

This does it to me.


Because while I've been arguing for Southern Command to take a more active role in S. America, it was done with the thoughts that we would get the South American nations with powerful/credible regional forces to go into basket case countries (not to be named) and clean up the mess (especially since they're being affected too).

But that ain't the Pentagon's way.

Add this to the rampage across our borders, Mexico getting onboard with helping to deal with the illegal immigrant caravans and I get the whiff of one thing.

Our boys and girls will be headed South, probably under the flag of the UN or some South American united force, but heading South they will.

The Pentagon keeps yelling is now talking about getting ready for the big fight but I fear these Combatant Commanders and their individual realms will always ache for banana wars.

But just like those runs that I always hated, I keep hearing that fucked up cadence...This is what you asked for, this is what you wanted....

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