Thursday, December 13, 2018

AVX Aircraft Company...time to step forward with your solution for the Pentagon...

GAR 9 made a minor rant about the Defiant High Speed Helicopter on a post I did about CONTINUED delays with that product.  Don't get it twisted.  Still like Sikorsky and Boeing but if you can't deliver then step aside.

Ole Boy hit me with a something I missed.

GAR 9 mentioned AVX and their neat proposal to provide our warfighters with the type of speed and agility we need for the next fight.

He was talking about the proposal you see above.

It's time for AVX Aircraft Company to bang hard on the Pentagon's door and get funding to get a working prototype in the air.  Can they do it?  They're from Texas so I'm willing to bet they can.  Will they meet test points?  They're small, and that means (or should mean) agile and hungry.  Again, I'm betting they can.

Either way it won't hurt to have another option.  AVX should be given a chance to compete.  They either do or they don't.  We won't lose either way.

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