Saturday, December 01, 2018

Illegal Immigrant Caravans a nightmare for Democrats?

via Free Beacon.
"The Takeout" podcast host Major Garrett,  CBS News' chief White House correspondent, asked Sharry about President Donald Trump's message that Republicans support national security and lawful immigration, while Democrats support open borders and the caravan.

Sharry called Trump's claim that Democrats want open borders "ridiculous" and a "distortion." He said the message, however, played well to Trump's base, while also presenting a "nightmare" for Democrats.

"I operate very closely in Democratic circles, and I can tell you that they saw the caravan as a political nightmare," he said. Whatever their actual policy preferences, Democrats "think the idea of being defined as [pro] open borders is a liability."

He credited Trump with tying Democrats to "open borders" and "sanctuary cities," even when they support border security measures.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) has pitched a proposal to provide $1.6 billion for Trump's border wall in an effort to pass a federal spending bill before the Dec. 7 deadline. This month, Trump set the cost of the wall at $5 billion. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R., Ala.), chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said Monday that Trump would allow a government shutdown if Democrats did not agree to fully fund the border measure. In January, Trump offered citizenship to "Dreamers," immigrants who entered into the country illegally as children, in exchange for $25 billion for wall funding. Trump originally promised Mexico would fund the wall.

Speaking with Garrett, Sharry warned Trump would take credit for any eventual agreement. "There will be a deal in which Democrats say, ‘Yes, we support border security, and there's funding in there for that,' and Trump will say, ‘And I got my wall funding,'" Sharry said.
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This story is on SNAFU! because the US military has units on the border supporting Border Patrol.  I have wondered if how the Dems viewed this issue and why Trump was so strong on the border issue when the economy has been nominally performing better.

Having said that, this issue needs attention and the answer is simple.

A.  Secure the border.

B.  A moratorium on immigration of all forms for 10 years.  Why?  To give breathing space to properly assimilate those that are here for whatever reason...crossing the border, overstaying visas etc...

C.  During that time offer Amnesty (yeah I know...bear with me) to those that are already here with STRICT rules and guidelines that are bulletproof.

D.  Legislate an assessment of the success of the effort after that 10 year timeframe.

E.  Full install E-Verify.  I firmly believe (and I have no evidence to back this claim) that worker wages are not rising because we have a vibrant underground economy that is being taken advantage of by employers.  To make this work those people that hire illegally should go to jail.  Full stop.  No new workers crossing the borders will dry up the pool of people that participate in the illegal economy.  Will prices rise?  Yep.  But you have to take some pain in order to make a change.

F.  Be prepared to fight the full spectrum of interests groups that will pick the plan apart.  Everyone, including illegals already in the country as well as elements from the far right and left need to have their heads banged together to help achieve this proposal.


G.  This plan, even if it could possibly work (which I'm far from sure of) doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of seeing the light of day.

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