Thursday, December 20, 2018

ISIS murders two hikers in Morocco..

via Heavy.
The women died in a graphic and gruesome manner. According to, both Ueland and Jespersen were backpackers, and one of the women may have been beheaded.

The women were “knifed and beheaded on camera while camping in the Atlas Mountains,” reports, adding that one woman’s body was decapitated and the other had severe wounds to the neck.
Story here. 

Amazing.  Two women died horrifically because they believed the "citizen of the world" nonsense.  I tell everyone traveling overseas to do a real deal threat assessment because its not sunshine and roses.  If there are areas you would avoid in the US then why would the same not hold true in more barbaric places.

The second thing is that the focus is on Syria, Afghanistan etc...

The cancer has spread and some have allowed it to be exported to once welcoming places.

These girls died because they believed a lie.  May their memories be a blessing,  hopefully they did not suffer (although I doubt it with these animals) badly before finding peace.

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