Monday, December 10, 2018

J-20 in Georgia used for USMC OPFOR training? This makes me cheer!

via The Aviationist.
The U.S. Air Force has officially confirmed to that the Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon photographed at a military facility inside Savannah-Hilton Head Airport, Georgia, US, on Wednesday, Dec. 5, is a training mock-up for use by the United States Marine Corps.

“It is a full scale replica and remained at the Air Dominance Center for a short period during the week of 4-6 Dec. The USMC is funding and directing the training objectives of this device […] Col. Emmanuel Haldopoulos, Commander of the Savannah Air Dominance Center, wrote us.

The specific role of the realistic, full scale mock-up has not yet been clarified by official U. S. Marine Corps sources.
Read the whole thing (really whole series of articles on this) over on his page.

My takeaway?

I'm cheering my ass off!  Nice to see that someone, somewhere is orienting himself to the real threat!  Nice.  Very fucking nice!

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