Thursday, December 27, 2018

Lets have a real talk about hotspots and whether or not we benefit from participation in them...

Ok folks.  Let's break this down shotgun style.  We need to talk about hotspots around the world and YOU need to explain to me how the United States of America benefits from being involved...putting our forces in harms way and spending our national treasure for the benefit of others.

Have a care!

I don't want opinions!  I WANT FACTS!  I don't need the usual "feel good" or your particular brand of morality!

We're talking about the national interests of the USA and how we're benefited by sending our forces to the frontier.

The locations that have my bald head itching?


How does our participation in that man made clusterfuck help us?  At what point can we declare victory?  ISIS is the new version of Al Qaeda.  We will ALWAYS see some terrorists organization.  From my chair it's a police matter or at worst something that Special Ops should be all over.


We've been trying for almost 20 years to bring civilization to people that have no interest in it.  We've wasted untold amount of money and many many many good people have paid the ultimate sacrifice in trying to put in place a flawed strategy.  We've tried surges.  We've spent billions and billions of dollars and its still jacked up.  Tell me how we fix the place (assuming you're one of the "stay the course" crowd).


Whack and mole.  Similar to the Middle East except there isn't oil.  What should we do?  There are places of striking beauty, wonderful people and wanting to modernize.  We should be selective!  Pick those countries that are worthy of being allies and dump the rest.  Kenya comes to mind as a good ally. S. Africa has potential but they're gonna need some serious guidance (should be a no brainer...they're going thru what we've been thru...).  Sierra Leone (interesting that the former Brit colonies are some of the countries that I'm seeing as having potential).

S. America.

This is different.  The mess there is gonna affect us directly.  Correction IS AFFECTING us. 


A hotbed of neo-Nazis, corrupt govt and a stupid war.

But you get the idea.  All you pseudo globalists, undercover Neo-Cons and others in the audience need to defend your thinking.

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