Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Our Marines involved in the aviation mishap have been declared dead...

via Business Insider.
The US Marine Corps called off its search for five missing Marines on Monday, after a F/A-18 Hornet fighter and C-130 Hercules cargo plane collided during a refueling exercise 200 miles off the coast of Japan on Thursday.

"I have made the determination to end the search and rescue operations for the crew of our KC-130J aircraft, which was involved in a mishap off the southern coast of Japan and to declare that these Marine warriors are deceased," 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force commander Lt. Gen. Eric Smith said in a statement.

"Every possible effort was made to recover our crew and I hope the families of these selfless Americans will find comfort in the incredible efforts made by US, Japanese, and Australian forces during the search," Smith said.
The waters off the coast of Japan are cold.  If those men weren't recovered rather quickly then this was the only result that could be expected.

As the Israeli's say...may their memories be a blessing...

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