Sunday, December 02, 2018

Russia claims that NATO is massing on its border...

via AMN
NATO is amassing troops in countries bordering Russia, Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel General Alexander Fomin, told reporters on Friday.

“The NATO member-countries are arming themselves, with troops, heavy and armored vehicles being amassed in the Baltic countries, Poland and other countries under the guise of drills,” he said.

According to Fomin, among the countries building up their military presence are the ones that owe a great deal to Russia. “We lost over 600,000 lives for Poland. Now Poland is the key proponent of that plan and is ready to open a base and three command centers on its soil,” he added.

Some Polish media outlets earlier reported that Poland’s and the United States’ plans to set up a permanent US military base dubbed Fort Trump are unlikely to be executed, and the parties are exploring other options.
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