Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sorry, can't let this Syria/Afghanistan pullout (hopefully) go...

I'm zooming thru Twitter and I'm reading the reactions of some of the "main stream" defense writers. Their reactions are PAINFULLY predictable.  I swear to God these people must constantly suck their fingers because the reaction to any topic will be to stick a finger in the sky and see which way the wind is blowing.

Suffice it to say that many are dead panning the Trump tweet stating that its time to pullout.  The reason most given?

Because its a slap in the face of the guys on the ground training, and advising the forces involved in the fighting.

I'll ignore all the insider attacks for a minute and ask this one question.


We aren't the British empire and only because we have a public that is freaking asleep, easily distracted and led by the nose by various media types is this not a bigger story.

2013 was the start of our involvement in Syria right?  Well it's been almost 6 years there.  Afghanistan?  I won't even stun you with the number of years we've been trying to sort that basket case of a country out!

Long short?  We can't do this for another 10, 20, or God help us 30 years.  So for all the naysayers do me one favor.  Give me your plan for solving this shit or get back in a corner.  Do that or grab a gun, do relief missions or something but get in country so your ass is hanging in the wind.

Sorry for the rant but the responses from the "educated" in our country is wall punchingly frustrating.

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