Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The reality of Climate Change Policy comes to France...

via Jalopnik.
For three weeks now, protesters in France have been out in force to challenge new fuel taxes that amount to about 10 cents more per gallon for gas. Over the weekend, they burned cars in Paris and caused enough mayhem for Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to give in Tuesday, agreeing to delay the new taxes for six months.

The new taxes were in addition to a rise on what the French pay for electricity, an increase that has also been shelved for six months, according to The New York Times. The taxes were designed to fight climate change, but also ended up igniting the so-called Yellow Vest movement, a group of poor rural, suburban, and exurban French who have been protesting for weeks over bad living conditions in a country that has some of the highest taxes in Europe.

French gas prices currently average around $7 per gallon, according to the Associated Press, but the new taxes would have pushed that more than a dime higher. The hit is even more for diesel, which would have seen a raise of almost 30 cents per gallon, with more raises scheduled.

That isn’t much proportionally speaking, but at the root of the protests is class-based anger, as the BBC says that under Macron administration’s plans, the wealthy would benefit the most.
Story here.

This!  This is what I'm talking about when it come to Climate Change Policy.  When you get past the rhetoric, happy talk and dancing unicorns it gets down to one basic thing.

It gives govts a chance to TAX the hell outta the average citizen while at the same time giving lip service to the issue.

Yeah.  The govt reacts to the crisis by taxing the populace into submission!

Where is the talk concerning actually solving the problem?

It's non-existent.

It's about grabbing more money.  Pure and simple.  The French didn't want any of it and they can classify this as a class struggle but the reality is simple.

People have a problem with the govt stealing more and more of their money.

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