Saturday, December 29, 2018

Wow! Bayou Man while doing research stumbled upon something brutal in the extreme...

Bayou Man (here) covers a variety of issues and if you don't tune into his blog you're missing out.

I hope the cowboy don't mind but I had to steal this from his pages and pass it along here.  Do me a favor and hit him up so he don't get mad.  Anyway with that said check this out...
At last the Capitana of Naples, the "Lodi" (She-wolf), bearing the Marquis of Santa Cruz, drew near [the galley] of Mamut, son of Dragut and nephew of Barbarossa, both famous corsairs of the previous generation.  Mamut was a young man of 22 years, noted for his cruelty to his Christian slaves, of whom he had 200 on board.  He stepped forward from his station on the poop to urge the efforts of the chained rowers, and after killing several in his fury, the stroke oarsman, always a most powerful man, seized him and dragged him into the midst of the rowers, who dropped their oars and fell on him like wild animals.  Mamut was thrown from bench to bench, every man taking a bite from his carcass as he passed forward and he was a corpse before he reached the bows ... On the anniversary of Lepanto, Mamut's vessel became the sole prize of the entire campaign and the reward of the labors of 70,000 men.
Bayou Man ends with "ain't that a helluva way to die"!!!!  That's an understatement!

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