Wednesday, January 23, 2019

45 Commando actually think they have a chance? Those poor bastards!

This should be interesting!  The title was clickbait.  The reality is that I hope both groups get some good, intense training in.  Next time bring in the USAF, a couple of Navy Fighter Squadrons, an Army Brigade with attached Aviation...hell make this thing huge and add RAF squadrons, a few from the Fleet Air Arm too and pick your British Army outfit, can't leave out the National Guard, Coast Guard and SOCOM.

Make this thing extend (for the live fire) across 29 Palms and NTC and incorporate Red Flag into it just for giggles.

Too big?


We fight big.  Stop playing at interoperability and actually conduct fewer but more intense training involving a variety of units from different nations, services etc....that is the answer instead of a hodgepodge of tiny exercises.

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