Tuesday, January 08, 2019

99% of ISIS capacity in Syria eradicated!

via Free Beacon.
Responding to critics of the administration's surprise decision to withdraw U.S. forces from the fight against ISIS in Syria, Pompeo disclosed that the United States has now "taken down" about 99 percent of the terror group's capacity.

"We've taken down 99 percent of the caliphate. Ninety-nine percent of the caliphate. That should be the first sentence in every story. Right? Everybody agree?" Pompeo asked reporters aboard his plane. "Anybody dispute the facts? This has been an enormously successful campaign."

Not a single reporter in attendance disputed Pompeo's figures.
Story here. 

Do you get the force of connection here?  Trump was RIGHT!  Our war in Syria is over if its about KILLING ISIS!!!!!  Not one reporter in that press conference disputed that 99% of ISIS capacity is DONE!  Not one!

Yet in the states the media is almost DEMANDING that we be there for more years!


Because this isn't about ISIS.  I was a fool for ever thinking it was.  Oil pipeline, outflanking Russia...whatever...but it wasn't about ISIS.

Oh and spare me the talk about the Kurds.  Many forget (but I haven't) that they ruffled feathers all around by declaring a Kurdish state.  We warned them off but they insisted and now that we're ready to move on we're suppose to back a play that we don't agree with and that puts them in danger from Turkey, Iraq AND Syria?  Don't think so cowboy!

Our fight is done.  Time to get the fuck outta Syria.  Time to reset, modernize and rest our forces.

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