Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Acting SecDef Shanahan on his alleged bias against F-35...

via Katie Bo Williams Twitter Page...
Shanahan was also asked about allegation he's biased towards Boeing. He gave maybe his firmest answer today: "I am biased towards performance. I am biased towards giving the taxpayer his money’s worth and the F-35 unequivocally I can say has room for more a lot more performance."
Just wow.

That seems like a simple statement?  If you think so then you're wrong.  That's loaded like a semi carry oversized gear!  He say that "unequivocally" there is room for a lot more performance!

This gives us one of two choices.  Either all the news that we've received that the F-35 is a world beater is wrong.  Or two, the SecDef is lying his ass off.

I mean when you get down to it, it's just that plain.

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