Friday, January 11, 2019

Amazing Courage. Awesome Leadership. Heroics beyond compare. The story of Ordinary Seaman Edward Sheean, HMAS Armidale

pic & story via USS Edsall Tumblr Page...

Caption to the pic from the Australian War Memorial...
‘Ordinary Seaman Edward Sheean, HMAS Armidale’ by Dale Marsh (1978) depicts the figure of Ordinary Seaman Edward Sheean, HMAS ‘Armidale’ from back half prone on deck at stern of ship dressed only in shorts and boots, a wound on his right thigh, firing an Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun at Japanese bombers; a number of seamen are in the water having abandoned ship.

Ordinary Seaman Edward Sheean went down with the HMAS 'Armidale’ firing his gun to the last.

As the Australian vessel began to sink, the crew took to the water. The Japanese aerocraft attacking her stopped attacking the ship and began to strafe the survivors in the water. Edward Sheean strapped himself into a gun on the sinking ship and opened fire, undoubtedly saving many lives; he shot down one Zero and damaged two more. He continued firing even after the ship slipped below the waves, taking him with her.
I am in Awe.

This dude was pure dee stud.  Australia and the men of his ship was lucky to have him.

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