Saturday, January 19, 2019

Analysis: Irish Rangers to deploy to Mali by Jamie Reed...

via News Rep
Mali is a difficult place in which to have a first deployment. Geographically, the area is predominantly flat desert into some high, short, and sharp mountain regions, without much access to water and food or anything else for that matter. This place is what Mars would look and feel like.

Now according to the Irish press, the Rangers will send a 12-man team to conduct long-range patrols as part of a counter-terrorism strategy. The real questions are how effective this team is and how much of a difference this small team will make. I think on a large scale, the team will have little difference in the overall security situation. Regardless, the effort will undoubtedly be a positive one for the team to have this type of operational tempo to conduct counter-terrorism activity in what I would regard as the most dangerous conflict in the world.

No amount of training or pre-deployment packages could prepare you for what these men will face in Mali. There’s high risk of IEDs, indirect fire, and ambushes. They’ll be up against well-trained and organized groups that know no boundaries. These groups can operate across borders and at this time, seem to have an unlimited number of weapons at their disposal. The Irish Army Rangers are in for hard time..
Story here. 

Wow.  Don't know who this Reed dude is but that's a hard core take in a very short article.  Definitely gonna try and follow his writing.  Big take?  I hope he's wrong but they're going in real light.  I can only hope they're gonna attach to French or British or American Special Ops and leverage their support infrastructure.

Just looking at this on the face of things these bubbas could be in for a very rough ride.

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