Sunday, January 27, 2019

'China Marines' launch simulated boat raid from by Lance Cpl. Harrison Rakhshani (isn't it time for Boat Company to get CB90's?)

Small rant.

The Rubber Raiding Craft has served us well for a long time but it's time has past.  Did you read the article I posted on how the Marine Corps is getting ready for the big fight?  Did you read how they're talking about big amphibs operating far offshore with other ships closer in?

With that in mind I believe it's time to dump the old style raiding craft and climb into the future with the CB-90.

The basics?  21 Marines per boat.  240 mile range at 20 knots.  3 fifty cal machine guns, 40mm grenade launcher and I imagine a few other things we could attach if we put forth the effort.

Long story short?

The CB-90 could accomplish the same mission more easily, launching from further out, traveling much faster, providing much more firepower to support insertion/extraction, could flex into other missions like VBSS and the Navy has experience operating them due to our friends in the Riverines.

It's past time to make our Boat Raids more effective.  It's time to get CB-90's for our Marines.

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