Sunday, January 06, 2019

German Army to be fully equipped for combat … in 13 years – Defense Chief

via RT
Germany’s Armed Forces are most likely to stay underequipped for the next decade or so, the German Defense Chief has admitted. Meanwhile, the units are stuck with sharing gear and vehicles.
At least nine brigades in the German Armed Forces, known as Bundeswehr, lack the necessary equipment and arms, the military Inspector General Eberhard Zorn said, adding that they are expected to be “fully equipped” no sooner than in 13 years – by 2031. The lack of spare parts for the military equipment also remains one of the major concerns.
Story here. 

Anyone who says that the US is not subsidizing European defense I present this as exhibit number one.

The most powerful economy in Europe, for all intents head of the European Union, a nation that claims to be a world power is telling us that they essential don't have an army and won't have one for ANOTHER 13 years.

So much for the European Army that Merkel has been touting.  No other European country is positioned to bear that burden.  If the Poles don't step up then maybe The Netherlands?  I see the French turning inward.  The UK are about to take a SERIOUS inward turn too.

Europe is setting itself up for failure...and Germany is leading the charge.

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