Saturday, January 12, 2019

Let's grow a pair. Why are you against the wall?

I want to wade into some waters that will probably end in confusion but I'm gonna do it anyway.

I want to hear from the anti-wall people and why they're against it.  Once again I'm practically begging for coherent responses and not emotionalism.  If the best you can hit me with is "it's not us" or "it's not America" then sit on the sidelines and watch.

Before we get started a few facts.

1.  Walls do work.  The best example is what we're seeing in Israel.  Terror attacks are WAY DOWN thanks to the wall.  Same applies in other countries too.

2.  America has throughout it's history taken a "pause" on immigration to allow for assimilation.  I propose that we do this now.

3.  Being for the wall and taking a pause for assimilation has nothing to do with racism (although there are many racists asking for the same thing).  It's about keeping America from being Balkanized.  We don't need different countries inside our own.  We need ONE America.

4.  Want to know why wages aren't rising?  Because you have a steady influx of workers.  Scarcity makes demand.  The demand just ain't there because the borders are wide open.  What has me spinning is that this affects poor blacks, whites and hispanics the most, but they're also some of the people most in favor of continued immigration!

So hit me with your best shot.  Tell me why I'm wrong to support the wall.  Keep it clean.  Leave your racists views at home (for the very tiny few that have least on these pages...I've cleaned house pretty good and have my eye on one or two more that will be punted) and let's have a proper debate.

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