Monday, January 07, 2019

Marine Corps leadership tries to justify gender integrated platoons....


Amazing.  They run back to the old playbook and think it will work again!  They lied about women in combat AFTER they did tests that showed that efficiency would be down and they really expect us to believe that this was done with efficiency in mind????

Are you fucking kidding me!!!!

Jesus H. Christ!  How stupid do they think we are!  This is the "validation" bullshit that they always trot out before they make a change!

This is permanent men.

You wanted a clear delineation between old and new Corps?

It's right before your eyes.  Watch it.  Drink it in.  Think about those so called devil dawgs that you lauded that allowed this to happen...then watch the body bags get filled when we fight a peer threat.

They know better but instead of holding fast they yield to the weak and feeble that push stupid agendas.

Picard was right.  The line must be drawn here.  No farther....

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