Friday, January 04, 2019

Ok. You integrated Male & Female Boot Camp. Are you done fucking with our culture now?

Thanks to AL Z for this gut punching news...

via Drudge Report.
For the first time in its history, the Marine Corps will integrate female and male platoons during boot camp.
Unlike the other services, the Marine Corps has not fully integrated women and men during recruit training. Instead, at Recruit Depot Parris Island in South Carolina, the first three battalions are all-male, while the fourth battalion is all-female.
"On January 5, 2019, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, will start their training cycle with one female platoon and five male platoons," the Marine Corps said in a statement Friday, first reported by ABC News.
While the change is not permanent, a Marine Corps spokesman told ABC News that the service "will certainly look at how the company performs in this model as we continually evaluate how we make Marines."
The Marine Corps, which has the lowest percentage of women among the services at just under 9 percent, decided to incorporate the 50 female recruits into the historically all-male battalion because the recruiting classes are typically much smaller in the winter months. The integration allowed Parris Island to not activate 4th Recruit Training Battalion staff for a single female platoon.
"The decision was made by Marine Corps leadership in support of training efficiency and is a first in the history of Marine Corps recruit training," the statement said.
The female recruits will still be led by female Drill Instructors, but will live in barracks co-inhabited by their male counterparts.
"This training cycle of about 300 recruits will provide Recruit Depot staff a unique opportunity to assess outcomes, achievements and challenges in training, logistics and resource impacts of this company training model," the Marine Corps said.
Fucking awesome.

Question to the feminist, Senate and House critters and weird ass Officers that happened to make it to General like Amos.

Are we done yet?

Is this the last thing for you to do to Marine Culture before you decide enough is enough?

You do know that you just added another stressor for both men and women trying to earn the title Marine don't you?

You do know that this does NOTHING to push forward women's rights don't you?

I know you don't care but please answer this.  Are you done fucking with us?

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