Thursday, January 17, 2019

Poland Speeds Up Armored Multi-Role Vehicle Procurement

via Defense 24.
Even though no information has been released by the MoD, when it comes to the offers placed within the framework of the Pegaz programme, several vehicles have been promoted for quite some time now, within the framework of this procurement.

These platforms include:
*  KMW/Rheinmetall AMPV


*  Thales HAWKEI

*  HCP S.A./Tatra Defence Vehicles Husar

*  AMZ Kutno Tur
Story here. 

Follow the link to get the flavor of the article but the takeaway is kinda clear.  They're moving forward with a JLTV counterpart in concert with the rest of the world.  What I found interesting is the companies offering solutions.

I didn't report on it but you can practically scratch the Thales Hawkei from the list.  I just read an article on the vehicle and its not meeting reliability standards.  The only reason why the Aussies appear to be sticking with it from my chair is the fact that its homegrown.  The AMPV seems like a solid vehicle as does the Eagle V.  The problem there is that we're looking at some kind of offset I imagine to get Poland to even consider them.

Which brings me to AMZ's offering.  It's homegrown, solid and would meet their needs.  Unless we see another Polish AMV in the making then I think we already know the eventual winner.

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