Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Rheinmetall's KF41 Lynx is the "foundation" of a radically new MBT sporting a 120mm cannon?

If you're not following Nicholas Drummond's Twitter Page then you're missing out.  This dude is CONNECTED when it comes to military affairs (especially British but he keeps tabs on all forces) but appears (from my chair) to focus on armor.

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Back on task.  That would be interesting.  Building a MBT off the chassis of the KF41 would follow the trend but I wonder why so many are refusing to build a clean sheet medium tank?  I'm thinking about unused space that would lower its armor protection.  Of course that's thinking about warfare in the old way.

IF they're talking about adding a UAV Operator and UAV, a Cyber Warfare Specialist and/or even mast mounted sensors then maybe you do need more internal space for the added requirements.

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