Thursday, January 03, 2019

Russian Seismic Survey Submarine for Arctic Operations .... with a wingspan greater than an a A380!!!!

Graphics via HI

Write up on this beast here!

I need to take a moment to point out one thing.  If you remember, not that long ago the US Dept Of Defense asked both Russia and China to be more open about their defense projects.

The Russians have complied in spades. 

While many of my readers aren't happy about it, I'm thrilled.  First it gives us a chance to see what they're thinking of, what they're working on.  Second it helps to illustrate what they view as gaps in our defense posture.  Lastly it gives hope that if not friends, we don't have to be enemies. 

I'm repeating myself but we have mutual interests in a whole host of areas.  If we can cooperate in space to a limited degree then that foundation can expand to other areas.


China has charted a different course, one that will eventual lead to a meeting on a future battlefield.

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