Tuesday, January 08, 2019

This Royal Marine Advert is the SHIT!!!! Absolutely LUV IT!!!

Compare and contrast this MASTERPIECE with the dog shit that the British Army put out.

What pains me?

My beloved Corps once made vids like this.  Now?  Now we're more in the camp of the British Army.

Maybe just maybe the Royal Marines will lead us back to sanity!!!!

Sidenote.  Inserting myself in the vid would go something like this. 

Lt:  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Why the fuck did you break cover like that you almost blew the fucking op!

Me:  Did you see the size of that fucking spider?  If that son of a bitch was crawling on your eyeball you would have broke cover too.  Write me the fuck up but that fucking spider dude!

Lt:  Damn.  That bitch was big but you're still on report.

Me:  Awesome.  But at least I killed the spider!

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