Monday, January 21, 2019

Two Soldiers injured in roadside bomb attack in Syria...

Above you see pics of the Bearcat the Soldiers were supposedly riding in when they were attacked.

Not a good look.

On a side note.  Everyone is assuming that the rash of recent attacks has to do with Trump's statement about withdrawing from Syria.  I think otherwise.  We're closing in on the last remaining stronghold of ISIS forces.  How it's taken years to destroy a force number no more than 100K is beyond my understanding but that's a different subject.  Back on task.  We're closing in on their final defense.

These are the hardcore fighters.

We have to assume that natural selection means that these are some of their most skilled and cunning fighters (or just plain lucky)...or else they would have been killed earlier.

An increase in casualties under these circumstances should be expected.

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