Friday, January 04, 2019

What is the reason behind the new Army Combat Fitness Test? Has crossfit taken over the service?

I was spooling thru the interweb and saw this shit you see above.  What the fuck is that madness?

They're taking unit PT and making it into a fitness test now?

I remember when a couple of Captains in the Marine Corps that got hit with the crossfit bug tugged on Amos' ear and the dude went in on it.

The problem?

You can't tell me that you can run this type of fitness test anywhere at anytime!  You can't tell me that this doesn't add to the logistics burden of small units when they deploy (yeah...ounces count so you set up and have to devote even this amount of gear means something else is getting left).

Long short?

It doesn't make sense.  What I can't figure is why did they go in this direction.  A unit leader knows exactly what each of his Marines/Soldiers is weak in.  They don't need a formalized test to work on those weaknesses.  If for promotion then this just adds fluff to an already weird exercise that promotes some that are undeserving and doesn't to those that are worthy.

I just don't understand this...and I like working out!

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